Musical Initiation

2 to 5 years

Children and parents learn world songs, rhymes and rhythmic coordination games, musicalized stories, movement and dancing, guided exploration of musical instruments, free exploration of musical instruments specific to early childhood.
Through music we strengthen the parent-child bond.

Duration: 45 minutes each session

Quotas: 6 children accompanied by an adult

Musical Stimulation for Infants

Babies 3 to 8 months (or even crawling)

Music songs and games promote the musical stimulation of babies and strengthen the intimacy of the bond between the adult and the child. Both explore appropriate sounds and instruments and the adult learns to recognize the baby’s musical behaviors.

Duration:45 minutes each session
Quotas: 6 babies accompanied by an adult

Integrative Community Choir

Aimed at all generations, from childhood to seniority.
You don’t need to have previous experience.

Duration: 60 minutes each session

Quotas: from 20 people.

Musical Appreciation for Adults

18 to 99 years old

Intergenerational club of music lovers. Teaching different musical forms and basic elements of music in an applied way. Examples of different periods of the history of universal learned music. Knowledge, appreciation and dissemination of music.

Duration: 90 minutes each session

Quotas: between 10 and 20 students