La Factoría

The Musical Factory is a place of creation and teaching of music created at the end of 2016 by the pianist and pedagogue Rosa Vergara that after almost three years of operation has consolidated as a meeting space for the family and the community around music.

Our action engine is inspired by the slogan of Joseph Beuys that every man is an artist.

Factory comes from the Latin term Factor which means to do. The invitation is for everyone, students, their families and their teachers to live active and meaningful musical learning experiences that allow them to stimulate and enhance their sensory, intellectual, expressive, creative and relational abilities.

Musical Educational Space

The Musical Factory is a cozy and homely space specially designed to do individual and group instrument classes, musical initiation workshops for children from 2 to 5 years old with their parents, workshops of musical stimulation for babies, musical appreciation workshop for adults, community choir, concerts of students and professional musicians, among other musical activities.

We are convinced that in a stimulating environment where creative talent is naturally grown with love, respect and confidence.


Our team