Marcos González

» The Factory

The Musical Factory is a space where I have not only learned to improve my technique on the piano, but also where I have learned to become aware of what I am doing, to listen to myself while I play and get to know myself through acting. In addition, instances are generated in which each of us who form this group can enjoy what we do, listen to each other and thus grow as musicians.

barbara espinozaThe music in the hospital is able to make us travel through a world of different emotions. Transform the distressing wait in a more welcoming moment, allowing you to forget for a moment the uncertainty and fear, giving space to a melody that invades every corner and fills it with beautiful energy.

Barbara Espinoza Guzmán

UChile HLCM Pediatric Surgery Scholarship

» The Round

Music is a great medium that connects us with emotions, when it appears and surprises you in unexpected places like a hospital, you feel joy, calm, and make you want to be there, even if it is not a pleasant place generally.


María José Salgado

Mother of patient

» The Round

Diana Brown and Alvaro Carreño

Parents of Milan Carreno

» The Factory

Our participation in musical initiation classes at the Musical Factory has been a great gift. For our son, who loves music and has found a beautiful and safe space to explore it. For us, because it motivates us to accompany you on the path of music together with other parents who also yearn to give this great gift to your children.

Erika Prieto

Mother of Ana Sepulveda

» The Factory

The Factory is a place where children not only learn music, but where they discover and learn skills and virtues that will help them in life to be better at what they do.

Fran Schneider

Eva Nahum's Mom

» The Factory

Our experience at Musical Factory has been beautiful. In music initiation classes I have seen my daughter grow, enjoy and develop talents that I did not know I had, I have seen her sing, enjoy and play instruments with love!

Guillermo Lira and Veronica Delgado

Parents of Sofia Lira

» The Factory

We are very grateful to Professor Rosa Vergara of the Musical Factory. Despite the problems our daughter had she always supported us, reached out to us and opened the doors of the school to get on with classes. We go from far away, but we feel worth the support. His methodology is the engine that moves us. Our little girl is happy with her teacher.