What summons us?

Promote the integral development and well-being of people from early childhood to the elderly through music, creating meeting spaces for families and communities.

From our experience, generate scientific and artistic research by expanding knowledge about pedagogical and musical projects in order to publicize their impact, feed back our work and consolidate innovative practices on the promotion of well-being through music.


Our poetics 

The Musical Factory is a music and encounter factory.

We work like we're a boat.

The course of our rudder is oriented towards the creation of spaces to establish deep bonds where the soul can sail in full.

Our living work is warm and welcoming. Stimulates sensitivity and values subtlety.

Our candles are the passion and creativity that lead us to realize collective dreams.

Our destiny is to humanize education and health through music.

It moves us

in health

… Reducing the patient to a dissociated body from their emotions and history.
… The complexity of suffering.
… The hospitable environment is unsent for healing.
… Medical staff living with pain every day.
… Patients' relatives faced with situations limits of suffering.

… The high-demand formation is cold-oriented towards perfection.
… The musical activity isolated from dialogue with the public.
… Success is the result of individualistic competition.
… Teaching methods that do not consider subjectivity.
… The differences in access to quality music education among children and young people in Chile
… The over-intellectualization of children.
… The meeting spaces between parents and children are becoming scarcer.
… The moments of calm and intimacy in everyday life that are needed.

It moves us

in education

We Move


Music as communication through beauty.
See in diversity a richness and subjectivity a pedagogical challenge.
Develop the musical talent of all those who stand out for their commitment and motivation.
Strengthen family ties.
Energize neighborhood life through music.
Cultivate the spirit.
Strengthen emotional intimacy.
Create spaces of calm and encounter.

To value the human being as a whole of interrelationships between body, mind, spirit.
Recognize in music a source to find calm, connection, rest, containment, introspection, entertainment and welcome.
Perceiving pain as a universal feeling.
Protect the intimacy of moments of communication and healing.
Generate new forms of job insertion for professional musicians who see music as a factor of social change.
Consider the generation of knowledge regarding the role of live music in hospitals relevant.

We Move

in Health