Lyrical Factory

Three operas and to talk.


It is a workshop that seeks to deepen the musical experience of the opera. It is a program of three sessions, for one month, guided by a teacher and that revolve around a topic. In each meeting we will share our experiences, sensations and opinions about the music we listen to and see; about the inspiration and ideas of composers; about the social, political and cultural context in which they were written; about its transcendence and topicality.


Tristan and Isolde:
Legend – Sublimation – Revolution

Tristan and Isolda,based on an Anglo-Saxon medieval legend, must be the most sublime, passionate and heartbreaking love story of all time. Not for nothing, when on June 18, 1865 Richard Wagner premiered his eponymous opera in Munich, the city dawned silenced by a wave of suicides. The same thing happened almost 50 years earlier with the publication of J.W. Werther. von Goethe. But, certainly, it was not only history that led to such radical determinations in the public of those times, but also the way in which Wagner put this legend into music.

The composition of Tristan and Isolda is so revolutionary that there is consensus among musicologists that it was punctually this work that opened the way to modernity in music. That is why in this new course of the Lyric Factory we will dedicate the three classes to review this monumental work, not only for its extension, but for its musical and historical richness. His study will open doors to various topics: What was in the world of German opera before Wagner? How did we move from L. van Beethoven's opera Fidelio to wagnerian infinite melody? Why was this opera instrumental in opening up a new musical language that inspired C. Debussy, G. Puccini, R. Strauss, G. Mahler, A. Schönberg, B. Britten, to name a few?

All these questions, interesting in themselves, will not be asked with an academic eagerness. What moves us is to understand, get excited and enjoy Together Tristan and Isolda and with all the creation of this German composer. Richard Wagner, rightly so, does so: everything he collects, everything he modifies and everything that revolutionizes, is completely destined for a better expression of the drama he adopts. That's how we want to do it, too.

Are you one of the many people who fear Wagner, who finds him very "inned"? Or on the contrary: are you a staunch Wagnerian? Well, this new course of the Lyric Factory opens its doors to both. For those who, so far, have not found a way to meet Wagner, we will do everything we can to turn them into new Wagnerian devotees, as there are so many in the world. There's a reason it's going to be! And for those who are devotees of the composer, those who dream one day of pilgrimage to their musical temple erected in Bayreuth, will have in this course an unbeatable opportunity to delve into the work of Richard Wagner.

See you!


Gonzalo Simonetti studied lyrical singing at the Catholic University, then perfected in the three main areas of vocal music – such as opera, art song and oratory – in Mannheim, Saarbrucken and Weimar (Germany).
He currently serves as a professor of singing and phonics at Alberto Hurtado University, conducting choirs and doing music appreciation classes, such as those held this summer at the Chilean-Italian Institute of Culture.

21 – 24 – 28 August

Saturdays at 10:30 hrs (Chile) and Tuesdays at 20 hrs (Chile)

Values for the 3 sessions:

*You pay according to your situation and judgment

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General $9,000.- / U$ 15.-

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