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Three operas and to talk.


It is a workshop that seeks to deepen the musical experience of the opera. It is a program of three sessions, for one month, guided by a teacher and that revolve around a topic. In each meeting we will share our experiences, sensations and opinions about the music we listen to and see; about the inspiration and ideas of composers; about the social, political and cultural context in which they were written; about its transcendence and topicality.


Mozart – Da Ponte: A Dramma Giocoso
Don Giovanni – The Weddings of Figaro – Cosi fan tutte

In this new course of The Lyric Factory: Mozart – Da Ponte Un dramma giocoso, we will enjoy listening to and analyzing the operas of Wolfgang A. Mozart based on a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, that is: The Weddings of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Coss fan tutte. During the three sessions of the course, we will seek to show, at least in part, the tremendous richness of these famous operas, revealing the multiple interpretive layers that both the plots of da Ponte have, as well as the music of the Mozartian genius.


In the three works we will be subjected to a game where what is presented to us as simple is not, the tragic is not so much, the comic neither. The alleged moral lightness sometimes blamed on these three works is also retruded by an always sobering message of the consequences of life taken lightly. Music, for its part, sounds so natural and friendly, full of simplicity in many passages, but analyzed in more depth, that apparent simplicity holds within it a tremendous depth and richness.


Throughout the course, we will also review highlights of the Austrian master, as well as the historical context, especially the cultural current of the Enlightenment, widely deployed by those times: We will deepen its influence in our operas in order to better understand and admire in all its magnitude the richness of The Weddings of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Coso fan tutte.


Therefore, guests are invited to join this new course of the Lyric Factory, which we hope you can admire with greater knowledge the genius of the creative duo Mozart – Da Ponte and its three beautiful operas.

See you!


Gonzalo Simonetti studied lyrical singing at the Catholic University, then perfected in the three main areas of vocal music – such as opera, art song and oratory – in Mannheim, Saarbrucken and Weimar (Germany).
He currently serves as a professor of singing and phonics at Alberto Hurtado University, conducting choirs and doing music appreciation classes, such as those held this summer at the Chilean-Italian Institute of Culture.

11 – 18 – 25 May 

8 p.m. (Chile)


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General $9,000.- / U$ 15.-

Popular $3,000.- / U$ 5.-

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