We are music lovers and recognize that their potential to summon diverse people can bring about significant and profound changes in particular lives and the kind of relationships we establish as a society.

Paula Loyola


UC Commercial Engineer, UC Diploma in Cultural Management

Partner of and Laurel Editors

Rosa Vergara


Pianist and Pedagogue

Kontakt Studium MHS Lubeck; Master Studies IGP MHS Detmold; Superior Performer at Piano UC.

Director and piano teacher Factoría Musical, Director and pianist Project La Ronda, piano teacher Liceo Experimental Artistic, pianist Dúo Monheh, pianist Dúo LaMar, pianist Cuarteto Entramado.

Diego Mardones


Astronomer, PhD Harvard University
Department of Astronomy, University of Chile

Culture is an integral part of who we are, it gives us identity and belonging, it is part of our social fabric. Poetry and theatre excite me, literature, painting, sculpture amaze me, but music reaches my soul.

Maria Paz Sagredo


UC Sociologist / Master in Social Development University College London

Researcher at UC Public Policy Center

Ignacio Solar


Doctor and amateur athlete

Medicine (U. de Chile – 2010), MSc in Physiology (U. de Chile – 2017), Sports Medicine (Conacem – 2019), Degree in sports and traditional view, 6c+ and 6b respectively.

Coordinator of the Medical Unit of the High Performance Center – IND – MINDEP. Director of the Chilean Society of Sports Medicine